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Sean Rowe

-New Lore

Sean Rowe is the kind of musician that we should all have a seat and listen to. Not only is a handy guy with a guitar, he's a poet. His music comes with a connecting message.

Each week I tune in to my Spotify "Discover Weekly", as it typically introduces me to bands I would not otherwise hear. A few months ago I come across the song "Desiree" by Sean Rowe. It was catchy as shit and I instantly fell in love with the sound. I then did what I always do, check out the artist's other songs to see if it's a one-off or if he's the real deal. Unfortunately, Sean Rowe did not click for me right away. Looking back I can't tell you why that is. If I had to guess, it's the difference in sound between "Desiree" and his other material. "Desiree" is pretty upbeat and funky, my kinda jam. The rest of his material, rather most of his material, isn't really funky or upbeat. So I think this is why it didn't clic with me instantly.

"I never knew a friend could be so small And have a heart just as big as the moon You know I can't stop you from growin' up I just wish that it wasn't so soon"

Lucky for me, I didn't give up on Sean! "Desiree" popped up in my discover weekly a few more times, each time I'd give him another shot. And then finally, it clicked: "Sean Rowe is fucking awesome!" I can't say exactly what did it but I really fell in love with the sound, lyrics and the person. The whole shabang(Not the Ricky Martin song)! I think connecting with some of the lyrics pertaining to parenthood are what really struck a chord with me. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't hear a lot of music about what it means and feels like to be a parent. "I'll Follow Your Trail" sums it up very nicely and I can't stop listening to that track.

"I know I must right how
you've stolen all the light
You're a killer and a con
And I cannot understand
for my love you give me sand
And a rope to hang me on"

Sean's been playing music since he was twelve years old and songwriting since he was seven. And really, you can tell when you listen to the material he's producing. His lyrics are very poetic and the music accompanying them only lifts them further. In addition to being a musician, Sean is an avid outdoorsman. He shares his knowledge of the outdoors through his various social media platforms, including his Facebook and YouTube accounts. Knowing these things about Sean only helps me enjoy his music at an even deeper level. He's not just a pretty voice and lyricist, this dude is just fucking cool! He once spent nearly a month in the wilderness, all by himself. I wonder if it looked anything like Michael Scott's attempt at living wild???

When it comes to music that connects with me, the scope is pretty wide. I've had heart-felt feelings over some pretty dumb-ass shit I've listened to. Sometimes it's just the sound that can move me. With Sean's music, I can connect with the sound and message. But, where I connect with him on another plane is his take on being a parent. Specifically the tune "I'll follow your trail". As a fellow dad, I can't empathize with his lyrics in this song. "You know I can't stop you from growin' up, I just wish that it wasn't so soon", ugh, right in the FEEEELS!

"And I was there when you took your first step Into a world that was wide as the sky I held your belly there against my chest I was there when you needed to cry"

Sean's latest album is titled "New Lore" is nothing short of amazing. Every track is it's own masterpiece. Obviously, my favorite track is "I'll follow your trail" but really, I love the entire album. His voice is not typical but is fantastic. It's just extremely well put together music! I have no doubt that this album, as well as his others, will find their way into my continuous Spotify rotation. Connect with Sean: Website YouTube Facebook Instagram

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